Ricki Hollander

BBC Softpedals Terrorism

In its website coverage and World Service radio broadcasts, BBC continues to purvey a highly distorted anti-Israel picture of events in the Middle East. A website headline about a terrorist who shot dead three Israelis and injured 16 others obscured the fact that he was a Palestinian by stating "Israel bus station gunman kills three..."

The BBC, the British Press, and the Attack on America

In much of the British press, the tragic and horrific events that shook the world on September 11, 2001 have been cynically used to further anti-Israel sentiment -and the Independent, the Guardian, the Observer, AND the BBC all carried news columns or commentary implicating Israel and U.S. support of Israel as a central cause for the terror attacks...

BACKGROUNDER: Jewish Settlements and the Media

The subject of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza has long provoked severely distorted coverage. Regardless of differing political views on settlement policy, information about the much-reported issue should be factual and balanced.

Reuters Photos the Picture of Bias

Reuters, a British news wire service, claims to be the world's largest international news and television agency with over 2,000 journalists, photographers and videographers in 151 countries, reporting daily in 24 languages to print media and reaching almost 20% of Internet users on over 900 websites - but unfortunately, their commitment to impartial coverage does not seem to extend to the Middle East.