CAMERA OP-ED: Journalists Behaving Badly

In a remarkable series of articles in late May, Geneva Overholser, the outgoing Ombudsman at the Washington Post and formerly the editor of a major Midwest newspaper, offered her observations about the state of journalism generally and conditions at the Post specifically.

The Hamas “Truce” Offer: Genuine or Fake?

Soon after it became known that the attack in Jordan on Hamas leader Khalid Mish'al involved Israeli agents, media outlets including CNN and the Associated Press reported that 2 days before the attack Hamas had offered Israel a 10 year truce. These reports portrayed the Hamas offer as "credible," and Israel as intransigent for refusing it.

Media Err on Jerusalem and Israel

June 5, 1997 marked thirty years since Israel won the Six Day War and the anniversary prompted a rash of news stories about a victory that brought the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem under Israeli control.

CNN Misfires on Terrorism

CNN's July 28th special, "Acts of Terror," presented in collaboration with Time magazine, should be studied in journalism schools. It is a guide to the ills of the profession, but above all to the menace of anti-Israel bias.

Media Votes No On Israeli Democracy

In a period of deep national trauma that included assassination of its prime minister, unprecedented terrorism on the streets of its cities, and wrenching internal debate over issues of national survival, the Israeli public went to the polls in orderly form and voted for a new government.

Thumbs Down to Larry King

THUMBS DOWN to Larry King on CNN's May 30, 1995, "Larry King Live" for his fawning interview with Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi, whose book promotion tour of the U.S. in May prompted a rash of obsequious exchanges with journalists.