Electronic Intifada

U Penn “Palestine Writes” Organizer Susan Abulhawa Cheers Gaza Massacre

Abulhawa's jubilant reaction to the Hamas slaughter of Israelis was consistent with the demonizing of the Jewish state promoted continuously at the "literary" conference. Incessant denials of Jewish indigenous ties to a land filled with evidence at every turn of those ties were accompanied by constant references to a "glorious" and "ancient" Palestinian past.

Newsweek Relies on Electronic Intifada, Gets the Facts Wrong

In a laughably ahistorical error, Newsweek's Carlos Ballesteros claims that Susiya has been in "Palestinian control since the 1830s." He also mischaracterizes the Israel Anti-Boycott Act and cites Electronic Intifada, all indications that Newsweek's glory days are in the past.

NY Times Corrects Misquote by Ali Abunimah, Robert Mackey

The combination of anti-Israel bloggers Robert Mackey and Ali Abunimah had led to a factual error at The New York Times, which, to its credit, the newspaper corrected yesterday. We expect more errors, though, as long as Mackey is free to cover Israel with such transparent hostility.