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NY Times Hires Another Anti-Israel Extremist to Cover Israel

To help with its coverage of Israel, the New York Times has hired: someone who had praised Hitler; someone who denied Hamas has murdered Israeli civilians; someone who has said her objectivity about Israel was out the window; and now, Bora Erden, another committed anti-Israel activist.

NY Times Misleads on Rafah Crossing and Rafah Ruling

Israel shut down the Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. So said the New York Times. No one of consequence denies the World Court called for an end to Israeli military operations in Rafah. So argued the New York Times. In both cases, the news was false — as reporting even in the New York Times would eventually make clear.
A chart comparing civilian deaths during the 2003 invasion of and the start of the 2023 Gaza war shows a higher rate in Iraq.

Iraq 2003 and Gaza 2023

Journalists have often contrasted the fighting in Gaza with the American fighting in Iraq. They have often done so misleadingly. We take a closer look.

These News Outlets Spread the “Plausible Genocide” Libel

When the International Court of Justice issued an order on January 26 in the “genocide” case between South Africa and Israel, it soon became common knowledge that the ICJ had found it “plausible” that Israel was committing “genocide.” This common knowledge, however, was in fact a myth.

The Rape Deniers

Where there are anti-Jewish atrocities, there are deniers. And on Oct 7, there were atrocities. Countless acts of murder and mutilation — and brutal acts of sexual violence by the Palestinian attackers. Cue the deniers and their manipulations.

NY Times Entombs Criticism of UNRWA

Buried 18 meters under a United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip is a Hamas tunnel and data center, Israeli army engineers announced on Saturday. That’s also how deep, in paragraphs, the New York Times buried news of the discovery.

CAMERA’s Impact Upsets The Intercept

It's one part defense of Hamas, one part rant against CAMERA, and one part insinuation that an editor’s late father pulls the New York Times strings from beyond the grave. But thank you, The Intercept, for recognizing our successes.