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CAMERA Letter in USA Today Rebuts “Cycle” of Violence Claim

The letter explained why USA Today's editorial on Gaza "misstated cause and effect," and why "there is no 'cycle' of 'Israel punishing innocent Palestinians in response to terrorism, inevitably stirring up more resentment and retaliation.'"

CAMERA Letter in USA Today Informs on Rafsanjani

The Sept. 24 letter discusses the former Iranian president's connections to al Qaida, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the killing of 19 U.S servicemen, and the country's nuclear weapons program.

Update on Media Coverage of Prisoners’ Document

Even while Hamas officials unequivocally stress the signing of prisoners' document does not mean the group accepts Israel's legitimacy, some news organizations continue to wrongly claim that by signing the document, Hamas leaders "effectively endorse a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Other news organizations, however, have significantly improved their reporting on the document.

Jimmy Carter Blunders in USA Today

When it comes to Arab-Israeli affairs, is former U.S. President Jimmy Carter a) uninformed, b) misinformed, or c) blinded by an anti-Israel animus? His USA Today Op-Ed, "Israel's new plan: A land grab" (May 16 print edition) makes a strong case for "all of the above."

USA Today Publishes CAMERA Letter

A CAMERA letter in USA Today points out flawed logic in an earlier editorial that suggesting that "fresh violence" by Hamas would be the result of Israeli actions. The letter also asks why that newpaper cautions Israel not to target terrorists, but instead improve their cash flow.

USA Today Errs on Jerusalem Home Demolitions

USA Today presents a misleading, one-sided picture of home demolitions in Israel's capital in “Jerusalem's future banging on residents' doors; Several dozen Palestinian homes slated for demolition,” June 21.