Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Media Corrections

Accuracy and accountability are among the most important tenets of journalism. In combination, they mean media organizations are expected to publish or broadcast forthright corrections after sharing inaccurate information. The following corrections are among the many prompted by CAMERA’s communication with reporters and editors.


Hamas Flag Shows Up On NYC Street, But Not in AFP Caption

UPDATE: CAMERA prompts corrections of AFP and Getty photograph captions which whitewashed a New York City demonstrator waving a Hamas flag and sporting a Hamas headband as a "[p]ro-Palestinian" demonstrator. The corrected captions make his Hamas affiliation clear.

AFP Corrects On 1948 Palestinian Refugees

CAMERA prompts correction of an English-language AFP article which erroneously reported that all of the Palestinian refugees from 1948 were forcibly displaced from their homes. In fact, the vast majority fled, often at the urging of their own leaders.

AFP Posthumously Demotes Hamas Commanders to Bodyguards

AFP improves coverage after initially demoting terror commanders killed alongside Salah Al-Arouri to "bodyguards" and omitting the Hamas deputy's second claim to infamy: founding the terror organization's military wing.

Haaretz, Hebrew for Inferior Coverage?

Even as international media outlets answered the call to improve coverage of Palestinian fatalities by noting that those killed by Israeli fire in Jenin last week were confirmed combatants, Israeli daily Haaretz failed to update its English and Hebrew-language reports with this highly relevant information.