Alex Safian, PhD

CAMERA OP-ED: Seeing Through the BBC

The trust that listeners place in the BBC's crisply-accented reporters would seemingly be justified by the network's Royal Charter, which requires it to be "a credible, unbiased, reliable, accurate, balanced and independent news service." Unfortunately, the long tradition of anti-Israel and even anti-Jewish bias does seem to have had an impact on the BBC's Middle East coverage.

New York Times Censors PA Incitement Against Israel

Reporting on Hamas threats to take revenge against Israelis and Jews around the world, the New Yok Times continues to whitewash Palestinian Authority incitement - Serge Schmemann writes "So far, Mr. Arafat and his officials have avoided either blaming or exonerating Israel in the slaying, saying the investigation is continuing."

PBS and Abba Eban

Regrettably, even with Abba Eban as host, PBS is still unable to present an accurate and balanced documentary about Israel.

The Hamas “Truce” Offer: Genuine or Fake?

Soon after it became known that the attack in Jordan on Hamas leader Khalid Mish'al involved Israeli agents, media outlets including CNN and the Associated Press reported that 2 days before the attack Hamas had offered Israel a 10 year truce. These reports portrayed the Hamas offer as "credible," and Israel as intransigent for refusing it.

BACKGROUNDER: Land, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel

Following statements by PA Justice Minister Freih Abu Meddein and by Chairman Yasir Arafat that Palestinians found to have sold land to Jews will face the death penalty, at least 4 Palestinian land dealers said to have been involved in such sales were murdered.

BACKGROUNDER: Building in Har Homa

The project of building new housing on Har Homa has been cast as "right-wing", a land-grab, a violation of the Oslo Accords, and the continuation of an alleged Israeli policy of "Judaizing" Jerusalem by preventing Arab growth and building in the city. The facts tell a different story.

The Media’s Tunnel Vision

Starting from false premises, journalists have routinely portrayed Israel both as the instigator of the violence, and as obligated to make concessions in order to stop the violence.

The ABC’s of Journalism

With Peter Jennings at the helm as Anchor and Senior Editor of World News Tonight, ABC News has won a reputation for unflagging bias against Israel.

After PBS Correction, Question Remains

After the January 1993 broadcast of Journey to the Occupied Lands PBS agreed that CAMERA's charges of material errors, distortions, and omissions would be extremely serious...if they were true.

PBS and Israel: A Pattern of Bias

Taxpayer-funded bias at PBS reached a low point with the broadcast in 1993 of Michael Ambrosino's Jouney to the Occupied Lands.

Read part one of CAMERA's exposé which ultimately led the network to withdraw the documentary for corrections.