Andrea Levin

Microsoft’s Encarta Muddles the Middle East

Distortions about the Middle East dispensed by the mass media can mislead news consumers of all ages, but especially worrisome is misinformation purveyed in reference works. Microsoft's popular Encarta Encyclopedia, available on the Internet and in expanded form on CD, is a troubling mix of solid information, bias and error.

NPR Smears Israel with Skewed Charges

Aggressive bias continues at NPR, America's foremost publicly-funded radio network, with lopsided time afforded Israel's detractors. Unsupported and anecdotal charges of Israeli misconduct are routinely aired without any balance or counterpoint. Partisan groups critical of Israel are characterized euphemistically as neutral champions of "peace" and "human rights."

Bob Simon Not Fenced In By Facts

The CBS correspondent emphasizes criticism of Israel's security barrier and ignores public opinion in its favor.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Euro-bias in Boston

The Boston Globe's H.D.S. Greenway, now retired from editorial posts at the paper, frequently devotes his weekly column to distorted hectoring of Israel. He inveighs against alleged Israeli faults, passes forgivingly over Palestinian rejectionism, and is often slippery with the facts.

NPR’s Bias (And a $200 Million Windfall)

News that McDonald's heiress Joan Kroc has bequeathed $200 million to National Public Radio comes at a time when, unfortunately, the network continues to purvey distorted and agenda-driven Middle East coverage.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Pandering to Genocide

As columnist Charles Krauthammer recently observed: "The world is experiencing the worst resurgence of anti- Semitism in 50 years. Its main objective is the demonization and delegitimation of Israel, to the point that the idea of eradicating... the world's only Jewish state becomes respectable, indeed laudable. The psychological grounds for the final solution are being prepared." Party to this grim preparation is one Tony Judt, former Oxford don and now a history professor at New York University.