Andrea Levin

CNN’s Kiley Parrots B’Tselem Slanders

CNN's Kiley was a pass-through for B'Tselem charges, questioning nothing. He ignored the ordinary norms of journalism that require fair treatment of story subjects and flouted the network's stated commitment to being "truth-seekers" who strive for "excellence."

New York Times Ends Year with Epic Smear

In a 4700-word story about a Palestinian medic killed in Gaza border violence, there is no mention of the thousand Hamas rockets fired into Israel in 2018 and Israeli families sleeping in shelters. There is no mention of Hamas chieftains leading chants of "Death to Israel."

Flailing Haaretz Lashes Out At CAMERA

Under publisher Amos Shocken, a front-page Haaretz story sought to smear CAMERA and duck the facts about the paper's unprofessional coverage.

A Troubling Debut at the NYT

A long-awaited Times Jerusalem bureau chief filed his first story on the Israel beat and readers have reason for concern.

Shock Chart: NYT Singles Out Jews

In apparent fury that some Jewish Democrats oppose the Iran deal, The New York Times resorted to listing Jewish lawmakers by religion and voting pattern. (Updated)

The New York Times Unspun

Even when Jews are murdered at prayer, The New York Times turns to false framing, lopsided speaker citations, omissions and platitudes to deflect focus away from the perpetrators and onto Israel.