Andrea Levin

Questions for The New York Times

The Times promotes radical groups and voices leveling distorted criticism at Israel, while continuing to omit genocidal rhetoric emanating from Arab and Muslim adversaries of the Jewish state. Will Arthur Brisbane, the new public editor, address the biases?

Huwaida Arraf’s Flotilla Fable on BBC

In the world of anti-Israel propagandists, no falsehood is too transparent or easily disputed. Arraf charged Gazan babies are denied formula by Israel, when in reality tons are regularly delivered.

Why Helen Thomas Had to Go

When Helen Thomas told Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine,” she sullied the legacy of a man who was at the center of the struggle to stop the murder of Jews in Europe in the 1940s.

UPDATED: Radical, Pro-Hamas “Flotilla” Seeks Media Win

Radical Europeans, far-left Americans and pro-Hamas Islamists may have little else in common, but they've come together for a week of agitprop called the "Freedom Flotilla" aimed at pressuring Israel to relax its naval embargo on Gaza. The question is will journalists report who the players really are and what they're up to? 

Ha’aretz Invents Dershowitz Drama

It seems Washington-based reporter Natasha Mozgovaya wanted fireworks, so she manufactured some, charging the Harvard professor with an "attack" and "verbal onslaught" against a J Street representative.

CAMERA Op-Ed: All the News Unfit to Print

What the New York Times chooses to cover in the Arab-Israeli conflict – and what it excludes – is a story in itself. Why won’t the New York Times report on the anti-Israel funders behind the Goldstone Report?

Amanpour’s Impulse: Smear Israel

 CNN's Christiane Amanpour reveals a hostile view of Israel, injecting gratuitious, false claims about it into an argument between two guests discussing an unrelated subject.

Aftonbladet Silent on Jordan’s Organ Trafficking

Aftonbladet's Jan Helin has been unresponsive about whether his paper would cover organ trafficking in Jordan after its notorious piece on Israel. Is the Swedish paper uninterested without the Israel angle?