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AP Revises Hansen’s Comments

A UN official stunned the world when he admitted Hamas members are on the UN payroll. His comments were sanitized by one AP reporter, and readers are kept in the dark.

Oliphant Cartoon Crosses Line

The  political cartoonist Pat Oliphant's cartoons rely on classic images: Democrat as donkey; Republican as elephant.  Recently, however, he evoked a more distrurbing image—one more commonly associated with Nazi propaganda or anti-Semitic rants of extremist Islamist clerics, in his portrayal of Jews as dogs.

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Media Downplay Hamas Responsibility for Terror

In covering the recent charges against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, several media outlets downplayed the relationship between Hamas and terrorism, saying only that it is "blamed for" or "accused of" attacks against Israel. This language is misleading in light of the fact that Hamas itself regularly takes credit for attacks.

Reuters and AP Echo Hezbollah

Reuters and Associated Press covered the slaying of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah terrorists on July 20, 2004 in reports that could have come straight from Al Manar, Hezbollah's main propaganda engine.