Steven Stotsky

Gaza Casualties: Civilian or Combatant?

The Israeli army has published figures claiming 70 percent of the Palestinians killed in the Gaza fighting were combatants. This contradicts Palestinian claims that most of the dead were unarmed civilians. CAMERA's analysis found 3/4 of the fatalities were adult males.

Chomsky Lite: Anna Baltzer Joins anti-Israel Campaigns

Anna Baltzer is a relatively new anti-Israel agitator traveling the college and church circuit. Using her Jewish heritage as a moral lever, Baltzer shares anecdotes of Palestinian life while pushing standard anti-Zionist mythology.

Johann Hari’s Tirade Against Israel

British columnist Johann Hari's writings on Israel reflect a worrisome trend of fabricating facts and misrepresenting the words of Israel's founders in order to demonize the Jewish state.

Professor Accuses Israel of Slow-Motion Genocide

Clemson Philosophy Professor Todd May calls for an end to all aid to Israel and accuses the Jewish state of committing a "slow-motion genocide" against the Palestinians despite all evidence to the contrary.

“Jewish Voice for Peace” A Voice for Defamation

Jewish Voice for Peace disseminates anti-Israel propaganda under the guise of promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace. A recent Op-Ed underscores their penchant for fabricating charges against Israel.

Plan for Palestinian Police Force Seven Times Larger than Current Force

Reuters reports that rebuilding Palestinian security forces may require up to 7 billion dollars beyond the current 7.4 billion dollar aid package promised at the Paris conference. This follows an article in the Jordan Times calling for a 50,000 person Palestinian police force.