Steven Stotsky

Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank? (2009)

Produced by Brian Epstein, Brenda Breslauer and Monica Iskander NOW (PBS) Host: David Bracaccio 60 minutes Aired on July 10, 2009
This review looks at two incisive documentaries: that aired on PBS, one about efforts to build peace in Jenin and the other about Israeli reservists who served during war with Lebanon and Gaza.

Heart of Jenin (2009)

Edited for PBS' Wide Angle TV episode from the original German documentary "Das Herz von Jenin" Produced and directed by: Leon Geller and Markus Vetter English, German 52 minutes
The film tells a story about breaking down barriers between Palestinians and Jews, but it falls back onto the usual formula portrayal of callous Israelis and blameless Palestinians.

Spreading Falsehoods About Israel on the Internet

A popular feature of internet news sites are talkback threads. But the proliferation of hateful sentiments and falsehoods are a source of concern. CAMERA reviews several talkback threads from the Huffington Post.

NPR Claims Jewish Gangs Harrassing Muslim Girls in Paris

Article Updated on March 22, 2009.
Did National Public Radio fabricate a story about Jewish gangs harrassing Muslim girls in an attempt to show that violence between Muslims and Jews in France is not all in one direction?  This appears to be the case.

New York Times Article on War Crimes Allegations Reveals Bias

New York Times' reporter Marlise Simons relies upon an anti-Israel activist to characterize Israelis in an article about attempts to charge Israelis with war crimes. But she is unsure Hamas rocketing of Israeli towns constitute a war crime.

UNRWA’s Omissions Distort Coverage of Jabaliya Tragedy

UNRWA officials, John Ging (left) and Chris Gunness helped perpetuate the false story that Israel had shelled the Fakhoury UNRWA school in Gaza. Ging admits he knew none of the dead were on the school grounds.