Steven Stotsky

Spotlight on Flotilla Spokesman Edward Peck

Former Ambassador Edward Peck has emerged as a spokesmen for the Gaza flotilla, always maintaining a reasonable-sounding demeanor while he distorts the facts. His extreme criticism of the U.S. and his tolerance of terrorist groups, however, reveal a much more radical approach.

Historical Amnesia at the Financial Times

The Financial Times ignores the history of eastern Jerusalem, denying Jewish historical, legal and religious connection to the city, while validating Palestinian claims.

Anatomy of a False Allegation; The Petraeus Controversy

A partisan blogger falsely claimed that General David Petraeus warned Israeli intransigence was putting American soldiers at risk. CNN and BBC then repeated the  allegation. Petraeus denies saying it. Where is the correction from CNN and BBC?

Anna Baltzer – Jewish Defamer of Israel

Anna Baltzer is a Jew who makes false charges against Israel. This puts her in high demand as a speaker at churches and universities who relish a Jew condemning Israel.