Steven Stotsky

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Denies Delegitimization

M.J. Rosenberg argues in the Los Angeles Times that “Israel can't be delegitimized, and no one is trying to do so.” In fact, one does not have to look beyond the LA Times Op-Ed pages to find a slew of columns doing just that.

Goldstone Retracts, Human Rights Watch Attacks

One might hope that Richard Goldstone's retraction of charges his report leveled against Israel would cause the report's advocates to reconsider their position. But Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth responds by launching more accusations at Israel.

Al Jazeera’s “Real News” Comes With a Cost

Al Jazeera's reporting on the unrest in the Middle East has received increasing attention. That should not obscure serious concerns that its coverage is biased in favor of an Islamic fundamentalist agenda.