Steven Stotsky

Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace

On PBS Newshour, John Mearsheimer, author of the "Israel Lobby," asserts " a nuclear-armed Iran would bring stability to the region." He also offers reassurance that "they have hardly any offensive capability at all."

Daylight Between Friedman and Kristof on Egypt

The New York Times' Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof operate as a tag-team attacking the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. But on the Arab Spring, differences among the two have emerged.

NPR Lament: Palestinians Watching Sesame Street Reruns

In an example highlighting NPR's biased news judgement, the network devoted a feature to lamenting the Congressional decision to withdraw funding for a Palestinian version of Sesame Street, but ignored the Mufti of Jerusalem's call to kill all  Jews.

Defaming the Holocaust

On Dec. 24, 2010 the Jewish Advocate published an op-ed on the intent by Northeastern University's Holocaust Awareness Committee's to invite controversial Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir to speak at their annual Holocaust Commemoration event. Shamir produced the film Defamation which mocks Jewish concerns over anti-Semitism and accuses Jews of exploiting the Holocaust.