Amanpour Strikes Again

AmanpourChristiane Amanpour's CNN Special Generation Islam was supposed to explore the battle for the "hearts and minds" of young Muslims, especially in Afghanistan and Gaza. Unfortunately it was instead the usual Amanpour propaganda, especially in the second hour, where the subject might have been Gaza but the target was clearly Israel.

UNRWA’s Omissions Distort Coverage of Jabaliya Tragedy

UNRWA officials, John Ging (left) and Chris Gunness helped perpetuate the false story that Israel had shelled the Fakhoury UNRWA school in Gaza. Ging admits he knew none of the dead were on the school grounds.

King Gives Carter a Pass (Mostly)

The limitations of Larry King’s non-confrontational interview style became obvious during former President Jimmy Carter’s appearance on “Larry King Live.”

Diana Buttu: Palestinian Rockets Don’t Explode!

Diana ButtuDespite video evidence, Diana Buttu claims Palestinian rockets fired into Israel don't explode! In reaction to such lies, respectable journalists should shun Buttu, and not act as accomplices in spreading her fabrications. 

Myths and Facts about the Fighting in Gaza

Myths about the fighting in Gaza multiply everyday. For example, Rashid Khalidi in a New York Times op-ed provided multiple examples of Gaza myths in an article purporting to do the opposite. (updated Jan. 19)

Diana Buttu Is At It Again

Diana Buttu, the Canadian-raised Palestinian lawyer who became a propagandist for the Palestinian cause is at it again, spreading outright, risible lies. But this time, Fox's Greg Jarrett confronts her.

Who Broke the Ceasefire? CNN’s “Fact Check” Falls Short

CNN's Rick Sanchez promised "fact checking" of anti-Israel charges, "fairly [and] honestly." In fact CNN's incompetent research just compounded the errors. Viewers hoping for accurate coverage of the Middle East would do well to avoid Sanchez, and his co-anchor Jim Clancy, like the plague.

In Gaza Conflict, Context is Key

As in the Hezbollah War of 2006, in today's Gaza conflict some reporters, such as CNN's Rick Sanchez, shift the story to alleged "disproportionate" Israeli attacks, with a false focus on relative losses by the parties.

Palestinian Spokesmen Rely on Time-Tested Tactic

Since there are no good arguments for the Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel, Palestinian spokesmen resort to fabrications to bolster their cause. They are joined by UNRWA's Karen Abu Zayd.