On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel

Recent press attention has focused on the repatriation of illegal African migrants from Israel. Very little of it has explained the context and difficult challenges facing Israel as a result of large-scale illegal immigration, particularly by non-Jews. None has included mention of Israel's history of welcoming refugees from around the globe.

Fareed Zakaria Bashes Bibi but Undermines Himself

 CNN's global opinionator, Fareed Zakaria, threw everything he had -- superficial analogies, distorted facts and cliches -- at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Neetanyahu. Melodrama, yes; analysis, no.

CAMERA Op-Ed in Ynet Recounts Year of Errors and Distortions

In many traditions, the New Year is a time for resolving to changes bad habits. Unfortunately, as noted in CAMERA's Op-Ed, for some news organizations those habits included whitewashing terrorist groups, advocacy journalism and more.

Fareed Zakaria Casts Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance

fareed zakariaBy uncritically relaying that Hezbollah respects Jews and is opposed only to Israel’s occupation, CNN's Fareed Zakaria dramatically misinformed viewers about Hezbollah, which has repeatedly made clear its opposition to Israel’s very existence and its contempt for Jews.

Juan Cole’s Best Defense is an Angry Offensive

juan coleJuan Cole cries of a "threat to American democracy," but it's the threat to his already-battered reputation that seems to propel his angry and deceptive response to CAMERA's recent critique.

Bias by CNN Correspondent Ben Wedeman More than Just a Tweet

CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman recently used his Twitter account to promote an anti-Israel rant by polemicist Juan Cole. Shortly thereafter, he engaged in some biased reporting of his own, stating that east Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and claiming that Israel needs to be convinced to start direct negotiations with Palestinians.

Navigational Error at “Fareed Zakaria GPS”

On his CNN show "Fareed Zakaria GPS," Zakaria takes a wrong turn, falsely claiming that Israel annexed the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Also, the Turkish foreign minister dispenses falsehoods about international law and the IHH.

Amanpour’s Impulse: Smear Israel

 CNN's Christiane Amanpour reveals a hostile view of Israel, injecting gratuitious, false claims about it into an argument between two guests discussing an unrelated subject.