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CAMERA Prompts Correction After CBC Counts Gunmen, Infiltrators as Demonstrators

CAMERA prompts correction of a CBC report which erroneously counted gunmen, infiltrators and Palestinians who engaged in other violent attacks at the Israel-Gaza border among demonstrators killed by Israeli fire. UPDATE: CBC's ombudsperson responds to CAMERA's complaint concerning a completely irrelevant passage about Canadians joining ISIS from the feature on Canadians "lone soldier" recruits to the IDF.

Haaretz’s Gideon Levy Spreads His Anti-Israel Poison Abroad

Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy is a fringe radical who justifies terrorism, dismisses Palestinian genocidal rhetoric, promotes BDS and dreams of a one-state solution rather than a Jewish state.  Levy recently completed a cross-Canada speaking tour sponsored by a Canadian BDS organization and interviews on Canadian radio, providing an example of how Haaretz and its radical ideologues poison the public discourse by demonizing Israel.

On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel

Recent press attention has focused on the repatriation of illegal African migrants from Israel. Very little of it has explained the context and difficult challenges facing Israel as a result of large-scale illegal immigration, particularly by non-Jews. None has included mention of Israel's history of welcoming refugees from around the globe.

Amira Hass Spouts Vitriol on the CBC

Ha'aretz reporter Amira Hass, best known for her extreme hostility toward Israel, was provided a platform on CBC's "The Sunday Edition" with Michael Enright to spout her vitriol against the Jewish state.

Thumbs Up to Neil Macdonald

THUMBS UP to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) correspondent Neil Macdonald for his Sept. 13 report about Palestinian death threats against the Associated Press after the AP filmed Palestinians in Nablus celebrating the Sept. 11 attacks against America. Macdonald also reported the AP's ensuing refusal to broadcast the film.

Thumbs Down to Neil Macdonald and David Bazay

THUMBS DOWN to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Israel correspondent Neil Macdonald and CBC ombudsman David Bazay for the misreporting and subsequent cover-up of facts about water use in Israel.