Haaretz, Hebrew for Inferior Coverage?

Even as international media outlets answered the call to improve coverage of Palestinian fatalities by noting that those killed by Israeli fire in Jenin last week were confirmed combatants, Israeli daily Haaretz failed to update its English and Hebrew-language reports with this highly relevant information. 

Unusual Suspects: Haaretz Impugns Rabbis, Bar-Ilan Graduates

Haaretz expands its category of inherently suspect jurists. Rabbis and the vast and diverse pool of Bar-Ilan University graduates join the paper's growing list of intrinsically compromised judges alongside those living in the disputed West Bank.

Haaretz: Hamas, Unlike Israel, Treats Prisoners of War Fairly

Hamas "knows about the ethics of war and how to look after the prisoners of war it holds," writes Hanin Majadli in Haaretz. Just try to tell that to Avera Mengistu or Hisham al-Sayed. Oh, no, never mind. The two mentally ill Israeli civilians are held completely incommunicado, in gross violation of international law.