Media Corrections

Accuracy and accountability are among the most important tenets of journalism. In combination, they mean media organizations are expected to publish or broadcast forthright corrections after sharing inaccurate information. The following corrections are among the many prompted by CAMERA’s communication with reporters and editors.


Haaretz, Hebrew for Inferior Coverage?

Even as international media outlets answered the call to improve coverage of Palestinian fatalities by noting that those killed by Israeli fire in Jenin last week were confirmed combatants, Israeli daily Haaretz failed to update its English and Hebrew-language reports with this highly relevant information. 

AP Updates: Jenin Fatality Was Confirmed Al Aqsa Fighter

After first reporting that no information was immediately available to ascertain whether a Palestinian killed today in Jenin was affiliated with a terror group, AP commendably updates: Mustafa al-Kastouni was a fighter with Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.