Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor Misleads About Israel

A recent Monitor Upfront editorial examined the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of the controversy generated by the existence of West Bank Jewish communities (“settlements”). The editorial's attempt at balance fell flat.

Christian Science Monitor Corrects Three Errors in Op-Ed

CAMERA staff elicited Christian Science Monitor corrections of an Op-Ed claiming Israel banned construction materials from entering Gaza for years and asserting Israeli control of the Egyptian border with Gaza.

The Christian Science Monitor and the Gaza Book Libel

Ruqaya Izzidien, who has contributed to the Muslim Brotherhood Web site, deceives and self-censors to breathe new life into the old Gaza blockade story, accusing Israel of stifling Gaza's intellectual life by making it difficult to import books. (And never mind Hamas's bans on books and newspapers.)

Too Many at Once

When Islamist terrorists murdered more than 50 Christians at a Church in Baghdad on Oct. 31, they overwhelmed the capacity of Western intellectuals to sweep Islamist violence under the rug.

Christian Science Monitor Contributors Stack the Ethnic Deck

temple mount construction destructionAn article in the Christian Science Monitor suggests that both Jewish and Palestinians "deny the spirituality or the sanctity of the history of the other," but it quickly becomes apparent that the authors are concerned only with purported Jewish "denial."

CAMERA Op-Ed in CS Monitor Addresses ‘Apartheid Week’

CAMERA's column in the Christian Science Monitor explains why "Israeli Apartheid Week" is a regressive concept, and is not about helping Palestinians but rather eliminating the Jewish people's national self-determination.