Updated: The “Contiguity” Double Standard

After Israel approved building a new neighborhood in Ma'aleh Adumim, a few miles east of Jerusalem, many news reports wrongly indicated that such building would prevent Palestinians from controlling "contiguous territory" in the West Bank. 

‘Honor Killing’ or Robbery?

According to multiple media accounts, young Yusra al-Azami, an engaged student from Gaza, was executed several days ago in an "honor killing," and her fiancé and future-brother-in-law were brutally beaten by members of Hamas' "vice and virtue" unit. Ha'aretz, often considered Israel's "leading daily," passed the "honor killing" off as a robbery.

Ha’aretz Inaccurately Reports on Garbage Dump

David Ratner's prominent article today ("Israel to dump 10,000 tons of garbage a month in the West Bank") is rife with serious factual errors, primarily false allegations against Israel. For instance, he falsely claims that Palestinians will not be permitted to make use of the new Kedumim waste site, while a contract requires the administrators to service both Israelis and Palestinians.

BBC and Ha’aretz Journalist Whitewash Palestinian Incitement

Akiva Eldar, the Ha'aretz journalist who recently transformed Palestinian propagandist Hanan Ashrawi into the "Enemy of Incitement," weighs in again on Palestinian incitement. In a BBC interview March 15, he repeats the old canard that the offending Palestinian texts are outdated Jordanian and Egyptian books, and concludes that anyway, "the focus on incitement is very wrong and it's in a way irrelevant as long as we are fighting."

Ha’aretz Gives Hanan Ashrawi a Makeover

In a news feature item in the Thursday edition of Ha'aretz, Akiva Eldar discusses Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi, her organization MIFTAH, and incitement. Interestingly, his only mention of the word "propaganda" relates to "Israeli propaganda" originating from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and the Ha'aretz writer has not a word to say about incitement originating from Ashrawi and MIFTAH themselves.

Ha’aretz Keeps ‘Quiet’

In a Feb. 10 Op-Ed about the current status of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Ha'aretz writer Sefi Rachlevsky alleged that there had been "four years in which the Palestinians preserved nearly absolute quiet." Ha'aretz has ignored CAMERA's request for substantiation of this claim.

BBC Admits to Mistakes, Apologizes

The BBC has admitted on Feb. 17, 2005 to airing an unsubstantiated allegation against Israel without fact checking it, and has apologized.

Ha’aretz Refuses to Correct Prominent Front Page Error

On Jan. 26, the influential Israeli daily Ha'aretz, considered a trusted source by Western correspondents, ran a five-column color Reuters photograph above the fold on the front page. The caption, however, was wrong and a Ha'aretz editor refuses to correct though he doesn't dispute the facts.

Ha’aretz Feature Explores Media Monitoring

In a Ha'aretz feature today, Nathan Guttman explores the impact of media monitoring on coverage of the Middle East conflict ("Enough already from those pro-Israel nudniks"). He interviews NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin, CAMERA executive director Andrea Levin, Washington Post ombudsman Michael Getler, and Los Angeles Times foreign news editor Marjorie Miller.