Shlomi Ben-Meir

Haaretz: Hamas, Unlike Israel, Treats Prisoners of War Fairly

Hamas "knows about the ethics of war and how to look after the prisoners of war it holds," writes Hanin Majadli in Haaretz. Just try to tell that to Avera Mengistu or Hisham al-Sayed. Oh, no, never mind. The two mentally ill Israeli civilians are held completely incommunicado, in gross violation of international law.

Who Lit the Match That Started the Fire?

Haaretz has falsely charged that the Israeli-Palestinian violence started due to "a disrespectful attack at the Al-Aqsa Mosque." Ignoring the evidence, many other media outlets around the world have echoed this. In fact, the chain of events indicates not only that the violence was a pre-planned Hamas initiative, but also that it was instigated despite a series of steps that the Israeli government took to calm things down, steps that had a heavy political and public cost in Israel.

How Do You Say “Two State Solution” In Hebrew?

Why did Israel Hayom mistranslate Ambassador Ron Dermer's statement about a "two-state solution" into "a solution for two peoples," and what are the implications of the inaccurate translation?

Haaretz’s Strange Tale About ‘Spying’ on Linda Sarsour

Haaretz investigate journalist Uri Blau writes that a shadowy Israeli organization spied on Linda Sarsour. But then Middle East Forum, an American think tank, stepped forward, saying it compiled the dossier, collecting everything from open sources.

Glass Houses, Haaretz and Neo-Nazi Fans

Haaretz takes the prime minister's son to task for "an anti-Semitic collage he posted to the exultant cheers" of a former KKK leader. Meanwhile, guess how many times neo-Nazis, including the same David Duke, gleefully feted Haaretz content.