Ha’aretz Invents Dershowitz Drama

It seems Washington-based reporter Natasha Mozgovaya wanted fireworks, so she manufactured some, charging the Harvard professor with an "attack" and "verbal onslaught" against a J Street representative.

Akiva Eldar Clueless in Jerusalem

Ha'aretz veteran writer Akiva Eldar is befuddled on Jerusalem, falsely claiming that West Bank Muslims and Christians cannot visit the holy sites and that only east Jerusalem women and children may enter the Temple Mount.

Cloud of Questions Over Ha’aretz’s White Phosphorous Story

Ha'aretz's most prominent headline and lead story today claim an Israeli government reports says that two army officers were disciplined "for using white phosphorous." In fact, the report said the reprimand was for unjustified artillery fire.

Ha’aretz’s Ode to an ‘Apartheid Road’

CAMERA photographs Palestinian private cars, taxis, buses, trucks and pedestrians on Route 505 in the West Bank, dubbed "an exemplary apartheid road -- for Jews only" by Ha'aretz's Noam Ben-Zeev.

Amira Hass, the Samouni Family, and the Pursuit of Truth

Ha'aretz's Amira Hass yesterday was honored with a prestigious award for her "pursuit of the truth." But her extensive coverage of the Samouni family deaths demonstrates a practice of reporting interviewees' contradictory and discredited claims at face value.

Ha’aretz Senseless on Gaza

Ha’aretz again launches a campaign of erroneous accusations about Israel, this time concerning restrictions on goods entering the Gaza Strip. Among this week's falsehoods: Israel prohibits the entry of diapers and toilet paper and has just one crossing to transfer goods.

Charges of IDF “Wanton Killing” Crumble

The brigade commander of the unit linked to alleged “wanton killings” in Gaza launched his own investigation after hearing of the charges. He spoke with actual eyewitnesses who said that the alleged killings did not take place.