Israeli Ambassador Slams Gideon Levy

Rafi Shotz, Israel's ambassador to Spain, slams Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy for an Op-Ed in which he called most of Israel's diplomats "spineless propagandists void of values or a conscience."

Ha’aretz Buries Fogel Funeral

Ha'aretz finds page-one space for settlement building, Tokyo, migrating cranes and new technology in archeology, but not for the burial of the five Fogels, including a toddler and an infant, brutally murdered in a Palestinian terror attack.

Ha’aretz Gets Little Right on ‘Little Kotel’

Ha'aretz's leading headline in the weekend paper claims that the "Little Kotel" is opened to Jewish prayer, "upsetting status quo." In actuality, the site has always been used for Jewish prayer. The only change involved the removal of scaffolding which impeded access for Arab residents.

Colleague Takes Gideon Levy to Task

CAMERA frequently documents the outrageous and defamatory lies of anti-Israel journalist Gideon Levy. A fellow Israeli journalist, reaching the same conclusion, has now spoken out sharply against Levy.