2019: A New York Times Line.

In 2018, CAMERA tracked New York Times coverage of the Arab-Israeli with timeline that, by the end of the year, exposed the newspaper’s brazen disregard of its promises to provide “all the news fit to print” and to report “without fear or favor.”

Instead of impartial reporting, the Times repeatedly distorted news, downplayed inconvenient facts, and departed from journalistic norms in what looked like an effort to popularize opposition to Israel and marginalize support for the Jewish state.

(To view the 2018 Times Line, click here. For a more detailed year-in-review, see CAMERA’s piece in Commentary here.)

Will the New York Times strive for more fair-minded coverage this year? We take a close look with our new Times Line for 2019.

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Times reporters can’t distinguish between Iran and Israel.

Jan. 4, 2019

Misrepresented Poll Results

Times editor Jonathan Weisman stumbles on the facts, including hard-and-fast poll results, as he describes prescribes a rift between American and Israeli Jews. Editors stand by the piece, but eventually come clean. (More…)

Jan. 19

Breaking the…Silence?

Or the same old noise?

Columnist Michelle Alexander "breaks the silence" by joining a cacophonous chorus of anti-Israel clichés, using the pages of the Times to spread falsehoods about "50 laws that discriminate against Palestinians" and "streets for Jews only," and to conflate calls for the violent elimination of Israel with advocacy for "Palestinian rights." (More…)

Jan. 21

Times Abrogates Hamas Charter

Just don't tell Hamas.

Bari Weiss tells readers that Hamas has revised its antisemitic charter. It didn't. Hamas leaders have made clear that a recently issued Hamas policy document was not a replacement for the charter, which still represents the core of their position.

Jan. 29

NYT Covers Up Tlaib's Tweet

They forgot the part about "They forgot what country they represent."

After Jewish groups from across the political spectrum condemn a Twitter post in which US Representative Rashida Tlaib charges colleagues with dual loyalty, the Times reports on the controversy—but reporter Catie Edmondson conceals the controversial language. (More…)

Jan. 29

More BDS Whitewashing

Again: It seeks an end to Israel, not just the occupation.

As it has repeatedly done, the Times downplays the extreme goals of the anti-Israel BDS Movement, with reporter Catie Edmondson dubbing it a group that "seeks to pressure Israel into ending the occupation of the West Bank." In fact, it seeks an end to Israel. (Here's what we said about it last year…)

Feb. 21

Is Anti-Anti-Semitism a Conservative Conspiracy?

"It's all about the Benjamins" becomes "It's all about the Republicans."

Democrats and Republicans alike joined Jewish groups in criticizing anti-Semitic rhetoric by a new member of Congress, but the New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg frames it all as a Republicans ploy. (More…)

March 3

Advocacy Journalism Casts Israel as "Brutal"

That's also how the newspaper describes ISIS and North Korea.

Jerusalem bureau chief David Halbfinger inserts anti-Israel opinion into the news pages, editorializing about Israel's purportedly "brutal treatment of the Palestinians." (More…)

March 6

Reporter Aids Omar's Anti-Semitic AIPAC Rhetoric

Times investigates whether US support for Israel really is all about the Benjamins.

The Times paints AIPAC as a nefarious influence rather than a legitimate part of American democracy. Using a misleading frame and false assertion, the article promotes Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric about Jewish money and power warping U.S. policy. (More…)

March 11

Embellishing Rabbinical Power

No, Israel's Rabbinate isn't in charge of circumcision.

Times columnist Bari Weiss errs when claiming Israel's rabbinical authorities are in charge of circumcision. (More…)

March 14

Times "Editors' Note" Adds Error on Jaffa

Most of the city's Arabs were not "expelled"

Editors add an update — and an error — to a travel article about the city of Jaffa. The new language claims that most of Jaffa's Arabs had been "expelled" in 1948, but historians and reporters document a voluntary flight.(More…)

March 20

Another Misrepresented Pew Poll

For the second time this year, a reporter misrepresents a poll question, refuses to correct

Times Reporter David Halbfinger

Instead of forthrightly describing a 2016 Pew poll question, Jerusalem bureau chief David Halbfinger inserts words and ignores others to make Israeli views about Arabs appear more extreme. The paper refuses to correct the straightforward error. (More…)

March 21

Times Columnist Says Media Ignores Hamas Crackdown on Palestinians

His own employer included

In a stunning act of internal criticism, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens accuses the press — with a special reference to his own newspaper — of ignoring Hamas violence against peaceful Palestinian protesters. Western journalism "has been depressingly incurious about any form of Palestinian suffering for which Israel cannot be held responsible," he says. (More…)

March 23

Did the New York Times Solve Uranium Mystery?

No, it just reported unproven suspicions as fact

enriched uranium

In an obituary for an Israeli spymaster, reporters state as fact that he stole uranium from the United States. A subsequent correction makes clear that the allegation remains unproven. (More…)

March 25

Finally, Coverage of Hamas's Violent Crackdown on Gazans

After ignoring it for 10 days

After glossing over the story for ten days — and after the paper's indifference was criticized by a Times columnist — the paper gets around to covering a violent crackdown by Hamas against its own citizens in Gaza. (More…)

March 28

Partisan Pens Partial History

Land ownership and other errors

Nathan Thrall bombards readers with repeated falsehoods and distortions — for example, the claim that Arabs owned 90 percent of land in British Palestine when in fact they owned closer to 14 percent. (More…)

April 7

Blundering on a Billboard

And basic political awareness

An egregious misunderstanding of an Israeli political ad suggests the newspaper is out of its depths when it comes to the language and politics of the country it so fervidly covers. (More…)

April 9

An Error on Oslo and Palestinian State

The latter wasn't promised in the former

It is untrue that the Oslo peace agreements "committed both sides to a two-state solution," as claimed by the Times. Even the newspaper itself has previously reported that the Oslo Accords say nothing about Palestinian statehood. (More…)

April 9

Reporters Ask if Israel is Terrorist

Just because…

IRGC logo

In a story about the U.S. designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terror group, Times reporters ask whether Israeli intelligence should also be labelled a terrorist organization. (More…)

April 14

The Daily Podcast Errs on Israel

Bias over the airwaves

The podcast excludes Israeli voices, suggests Palestinians didn’t attack Israeli civilians during the intifada, conceals the Palestinian rejection of peace offers, blames Netanyahu for building the security barrier, and misstates the U.S. position on the legality of the occupation. (More…)

April 14

Reporter Rewrites Omar Controversy

Conceals Democratic leadership's criticism of anti-Semitic comments

Nancy Pelosi

Reporter Glenn Thrush says Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's "comments about Israel have been interpreted as anti-Semitic by some Jewish Democrats in Congress." But the comments about Americans. And they were also criticized by Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi (Catholic), Steny Hoyer (Baptist), James E. Clyburn (Methodist), Hakeem Jeffries (Baptist), and Katherine Clark (Protestant). (More…)