Allegations and Libels

Journalists Behaving Badly

Since the discovery of massive journalistic fraud involving plagiarism and fabrication by the New York Times’ Jayson Blair, new revelations have emerged about similar offenses by journalists at other prominent newspapers. Underscoring that journalism is as infallible as any other endeavor, these additional cases of dereliction will hopefully reinforce editors’ willingness to address reader concerns about error and distortion.

UPDATED: San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed Distorts Israeli History

In its extensive coverage of Israel's targeted killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder and supreme leader of Hamas, the San Francisco Chronicle included an op-ed by Arab propagandist Mazin Qumsiyeh. The column distorted Israeli history in several ways. (The same day, the paper ran its own similarly themed editorial, yet no opinion piece appeared carrying exclusively Israeli views of the Yassin killing.)

AP Article on Palestinian Emigration Blames Only Israel

In a March 1, 2004 article about Palestinian emigration, Associated Press Writer Jason Keyser makes selective use of context to illustrate why Palestinians are leaving the West Bank. The essential backdrop of terrorism — supported in principle by a majority of Palestinians, and made possible by PA complicity and funding — is omitted from this article, as are lawlessness and Palestinian Authority corruption.

USA Today Gets Unexpected Lesson

The February 13, 2004 edition of USA Today published as an advertisement a large editorial cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon controlling the US media, a cartoon closely mirroring anti-Israeli, anti-American illustrations common in the Middle Eastern press and even neo-Nazi publications. CAMERA contacted the newspaper and was promised that future ads will be more closely scrutinized and vetted.

Microsoft’s Encarta Muddles the Middle East

Distortions about the Middle East dispensed by the mass media can mislead news consumers of all ages, but especially worrisome is misinformation purveyed in reference works. Microsoft's popular Encarta Encyclopedia, available on the Internet and in expanded form on CD, is a troubling mix of solid information, bias and error.

Tom Friedman Hits New Low

In a February 5th column, New York Times syndicated columnist Tom Friedman not only gets his facts wrong, but uses imagery and descriptions that are, in the familiar words of Harvard President Lawrence Summers, “anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent.”

Sex, Lies and Chinese Workers

On Dec. 23, the Associated Press filed an anonymous story entitled "Israeli company asks Chinese workers not to have sex with Israelis." The story is bogus, falsely stating: "An Israeli company has required thousands of Chinese workers to sign a contract promising not to have sex with Israelis or try to convert them."

NPR Smears Israel with Skewed Charges

Aggressive bias continues at NPR, America's foremost publicly-funded radio network, with lopsided time afforded Israel's detractors. Unsupported and anecdotal charges of Israeli misconduct are routinely aired without any balance or counterpoint. Partisan groups critical of Israel are characterized euphemistically as neutral champions of "peace" and "human rights."