Cartoons and Cartoonists

Washington Post Alert: Cartoon Calumny

Tom Toles, successor to the legendary Herblock as Washington Post editorial page cartoonist, is known for his simple if not simplistic style; small, "cute" doll-like characters; and droll, topical punch lines often echoed by a miniature secondary drawing in the bottom right corner of his panel. But Toles's formula failed utterly in his Sunday, Dec. 15 effort, undermined by a false moral equivalence apparently based on either ignorance or tendentious disregard of fact.

Anti-Semitic Cartoon in the San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune printed an op-ed by Yuval Rotem, Israel's Consul General to the Southwest, accompanied by a cartoon worthy of the notorious Nazi paperDer Sturmer. The cartoon, drawn by a freelancer according to the paper, showed an apparent murder victim on the ground with a large Jewish Star protruding from his back. Blood seemed to be flowing from the point where the Jewish Star was embedded in the victim's back.