Checkpoints and Security Fence

CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction

CAMERA staff elicited the following New York Times correction today regarding an article Friday which inaccurately stated that President Bush called on Israel to halt construction of the West Bank barrier in "Palestinian territory":

LA Times ‘Correction’ on Binational State Op-Ed Further Misleads

Saree Makdisi, an English professor at UCLA, made falsified charges against Israel to bolster his case that the country is a racist, illegitimate state unworthy of existence. The Los Angeles Times' partial correction yesterday of distorted charges regarding the West Bank security barrier does not inform readers, but further misleads them.

CAMERA Obtains NPR Correction on UN Vote

CAMERA prompted the following correction on a July 21 newscast by NPR's Carl Kasell, who erroneously reported that the U.N. vote against Israel's West Bank barrier was unanimous.

CAMERA Obtains Clarification from Boston Globe

CAMERA has obtained the following clarification from the Boston Globe:

Clarification (12/11/03): A Dec. 3 column by Tom Wallace stated that the security fence in Israel will confiscate 55 percent of the West Bank. This is a projection by Gush Shalom and other peace groups. The United Nations estimates less than 20 percent of the West Bank will be on the Israeli side of the fence.

AP Corrects False Story About Israeli Roadblock

The AP today (July 12) corrected a false story it had sent out yesterday which reported that a Palestinian newborn died as a result of an inordinately long wait at an Israeli checkpoint. According to the original story, a pregnant Palestinian woman on the way to hospital gave birth while her taxi was delayed for two-and-a-half hours at an Israeli checkpoint, leading to the death of the baby.