Excessive Force

Sensational AP Report Misleads on Israeli Raid

On Thursday, Aug. 25, 2005, an Israeli hit-squad opened fire on a group of Palestinians without provocation, killing five in a gangland-style attack. Or, at least, that is what an extremely misleading Associated Press news story would have you believe.

BBC Admits to Mistakes, Apologizes

The BBC has admitted on Feb. 17, 2005 to airing an unsubstantiated allegation against Israel without fact checking it, and has apologized.

BACKGROUNDER: Is Israel Using “Excessive Force” Against Palestinians?

Following violent clashes pitting the Israeli Army against a combination of Palestinian civilians, uniformed Palestinian security forces, and Yasir Arafat's plainclothed Tanzim militias - Amnesty International denounced Israel's actions and the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1322, condemning Israel for "excessive use of force" in attempting to protect the lives of its soldiers and civilians. Does Israel really use "excessive force?"