Israel/Jewish Lobby

“Israel Lobby” Authors Find Friendly NPR Forum

Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, authors of "The Israel Lobby and American Foreign Policy," the academic study widely faulted for shoddy scholarship and bias in its charge that supporters of Israel undermine American interests, repeated their false allegations on National Public Radio.

Mike Wallace’s Middle East Problem

As Mike Wallace nears retirement, virtually all the retrospectives so far on his 43-year career at CBS News recall his reputation for tough interviews and the ability to get the story.  The reputation may be deserved, in general, but at least one subject has tripped up the "60 Minutes" veteran continually over the years — Israel.

Norman Finkelstein’s Fraudulent Scholarship

Campus anti-Israel activists copy many of their arguments from Norman Finkelstein, a DePaul University political science professor who never forgets to mention that his parents were Holocaust survivors. Despite his trappings of scholarshop, Finkelstein's work has been marred by grave factual inaccuracies, omissions, and extreme bias.