Israel/Jewish Lobby

BBC’s Hardtalk Features Norman Finkelstein, Smears Israel

BBC's shoddy, prejudicial treatment of Israel and Jewish issues continued in a May 8 Hardtalk segment with Sarah Montague that featured anti-Jewish, Israel-basher Norman Finkelstein as commentator on American Jewish attitudes towards Israel.

CAMERA Op-Ed: With Friends Like These

As condemnation of the Jewish state in the media becomes more and more extreme, those leveling the charges are proclaiming themselves to be the true friends of Israel.

WASHINGTON POST-WATCH: The Post as Prof. Walt’s Sandbox

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, The Washington Post gave Prof. Stephen Walt a platform to reiterate the anti-Israel conspiracy theory advanced in his 2007 book The Israel Lobby, a belief roundly rejected by many of his colleagues and reviewers. The question is, why?

Spreading Falsehoods About Israel on the Internet

A popular feature of internet news sites are talkback threads. But the proliferation of hateful sentiments and falsehoods are a source of concern. CAMERA reviews several talkback threads from the Huffington Post.