The Facts About Hamas

News the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are to form a unity government calls for reminders about who Hamas is and why it is deemed a terrorist group.

Hamas Charter

Hamas' targeting of Jewish civilians is part and parcel of its mission — as set out in its governing Covenant or Charter —   to "fight the Jews and kill them and to replace Israel with an Islamic state. According to the Charter, any type of peace negotiation and diplomatic end to the conflict "stand in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement."

CAMERA Op-Ed: Dear Media, Hamas Couldn’t Do it Without You

The press has helped Hamas by playing into its narrative. Post columnists like Ishaan Tharoor and Karen Attiah have accused the Jewish state of genocide while actively obfuscating Israel's efforts to limit civilian casualties and Hamas's efforts to encourage them. As CAMERA tells the Washington Times, Hamas wants their human shields. And too many in the press want to shield Hamas.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Voice of America Helps Hamas

Voice of America, the taxpayer-funded and U.S.-operated news network, is refusing to call Hamas “terrorists,” claiming that neutral language should be used. But as CAMERA tells The Federalist, VOA should heed Elie Wiesel's advice: “Neutrality helps the oppressor.”

Damn the Evidence: AP’s Hushed Tones On Hamas

AP continues to treat Hamas as more credible than Israel, failing to label the terror group’s claims as unverifiable even as it cautions against "unverifiable" video evidence of hostages and tunnels in Shifa exposing Hamas' lies.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Wants You to Trust Hamas

Both common sense and experience should tell journalists not to trust Hamas, a genocidal U.S.-designated terrorist group that uses human shields. Both journalists and policymakers, including the U.S. Secretary of State, have warned not to do so. But the Washington Post is advocating for trusting the terror organization.

AP’s Selective Inability to Verify Information

Five times in the last week AP cautioned readers that information concerning the Israel-Hamas war "could not be independently verifed." All five times that information originated with Israel, not Hamas. AP treats the terror organization as more credible than Israel.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Hamas’ Strategy? Human Sacrifice

Hamas has a new strategy: human sacrifice. As one former Pentagon official has noted, it is innovative in the worst way. And as CAMERA tells the Washington Times, the terrorist group is counting on the media to help.