LA Times Soft-Pedals Hamas Terrorist Agenda

The Los Angeles Times once again extends a platform to Hamas. In an interview with Hamas official Ghazi Hamad, Edmund Sanders never once notes that the U.S., E.U., and Israel regard Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The New York Times Has Tunnel Vision on the Gaza Tunnels

The Times publishes a puff piece that ignores the insidious truth about the smuggling tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Worse still, the story is yet another example of the editors' penchant for humanizing Palestinian Arabs while demonizing Israelis.

Hamas “Phased Plan” is not an Oxymoron

It's time that newspapers and professors stop being baffled every time Hamas suggests it will accept a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a step toward replacing Israel with an Islamic state.

CAMERA Letter Contradicts Baltimore Sun Editorial on Hamas-Fatah Unity

 The Baltimore Sun headlined a February 13 editorial "Mr. Abbas' mission; Unity between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority need not be the end of peace talks with Israel -- but it will require real statesmanship." CAMERA's next-day letter introduced Sun readers to the contradictory reality.

AFP Rewrites Post-Ceasefire Violence

AFP ignores Palestinian rocket attacks launched Monday, falsely claiming that until Israel killed Islamic Jihad fighter Ismail al-Ismar Wednesday night, Palestinian groups respected the truce.

Amira Hass Spouts Vitriol on the CBC

Ha'aretz reporter Amira Hass, best known for her extreme hostility toward Israel, was provided a platform on CBC's "The Sunday Edition" with Michael Enright to spout her vitriol against the Jewish state.

The Seven Facts About Hamas

Regardless of  former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's new "confidence" that "Hamas' return to unified Palestinian governance can increase the likelihood of a two-state solution and a peaceful outcome" or media optimism about Hamas' supposed willingness to observe a truce with Israel, there are seven essential facts about Hamas that have not changed.