US-Israel Relations and Aid

Playboy: Pictures and Propaganda

Jonathan Tasini's comments on Israel are not anti-Semitic. They're just wrong. And by turning to this anti-Israel partisan to "inform" its readers about the Middle East, Playboy does damage to its own credibility.

CAMERA Letter Corrects Baltimore Sun Op-Ed

The following CAMERA letter, published on September 8 in the Baltimore Sun corrects several questionable assertions made in an earlier Op-Ed by U.S. Rep. James Moran and Rabbi Marc Gopin.

Mearsheimer’s Blunder

Contradicting his book's central claim, John Mearsheimer lets the truth slip out – the Bush administration was determined to go to war against Saddam, regardless of Israel or the "Israel Lobby."

CAMERA at CBS Shareholders Meeting Challenges Carter’s Publisher

At the CBS annual shareholders meeting, a CAMERA board member presented a proposal calling on CBS Corporation, owner of Simon and Schuster, to urge its subsidiary to institute fact-checking, the New York Sun reports. Simon and Schuster published Jimmy Carter's error-ridden Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

Kristof’s Blame-Israel Rant

Nicholas Kristof argues that U.S. politicians "have learned to muzzle themselves" on Israel and such "silence harms America." But he himself keeps mum on key information that contradicts his argument.

CAMERA Column: Correcting Carter’s 242 Distortion

In the controversy over Jimmy Carter's error-ridden new book, the role of publisher Simon & Schuster has been ignored. The publisher is not willing to assure the factual merit of the book or to redress its errors.

Mass Resignations from Carter Center

Fourteen members of the Carter Center advisory board have resigned after concluding that the Center’s founder, former president Jimmy Carter, has turned to "malicious advocacy" for the Palestinians and against Israel.

Rev. Wall Fails to Disclose Connection to Carter Campaigns

In a piece defending Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Rev. James Wall, senior contributing editor of Christian Century, fails to disclose that he ran the former president’s political campaigns in Illinois during the 1976 and 1980 elections.