BACKGROUNDER: Hezbollah’s Media Weapon

Over the past six years, Hezbollah's use of the media against Israel has intensified. In addition to Al Manar television, the organization's official propaganda instrument, Hezbollah utilizes other Arab news stations and even the international press. CAMERA describes how Hezbollah has employed the media to convey its message to the world.

Hezbollah Backgrounder: 2016

Ten years after the 2016 Hezbollah-Israel war, CAMERA provides the essential details on the terror group that are too often missing from news coverage

For BBC, Real Israel is “Hard to Imagine”

An anonymous BBC source in Lebanon says that Israel is "laughing" at the upheaval on its northern border, and Beirut correspondent Jim Muir concurs, explaining that it is "hard to imagine Israel not being happy." But one doesn't need a vivid imagination to understand Israeli concerns.

Hezbollah Too Often Under Media Radar

The news media occasionally tell it like it is when it comes to Hezbollah, one of the world's most pervasive terrorist organizations. But too often they muddle the message about Iran's deadly surrogate, as recent Washington Post coverage shows.

Fareed Zakaria Casts Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance

fareed zakariaBy uncritically relaying that Hezbollah respects Jews and is opposed only to Israel’s occupation, CNN's Fareed Zakaria dramatically misinformed viewers about Hezbollah, which has repeatedly made clear its opposition to Israel’s very existence and its contempt for Jews.