International Organizations & Campaigns Against Israel

A chart comparing civilian deaths during the 2003 invasion of and the start of the 2023 Gaza war shows a higher rate in Iraq.

Iraq 2003 and Gaza 2023

Journalists have often contrasted the fighting in Gaza with the American fighting in Iraq. They have often done so misleadingly. We take a closer look.

ICC Prosecutor Seeks to Effectively Rob Israel of its Legitimate Right to Self-Defense

Military experts have attested that Israel is taking every possible step to avoid harm to civilians, while conducting a legitimate and necessary war of self-defense. To characterize this as “extermination” or “murder,” and to use it to justify international legal action against Israel's leaders, is to twist morality on its head.

Hamas Flag Shows Up On NYC Street, But Not in AFP Caption

UPDATE: CAMERA prompts corrections of AFP and Getty photograph captions which whitewashed a New York City demonstrator waving a Hamas flag and sporting a Hamas headband as a "[p]ro-Palestinian" demonstrator. The corrected captions make his Hamas affiliation clear.