International Organizations & Campaigns Against Israel

Anti-Israel Agitators Target Leading Music Journal

The Juilliard Journal is not known for hosting heated discussions about the Middle East. But it recently published a defamatory piece on Israel along with several letters from a group of connected anti-Israel activists lauding the piece.

Backgrounder: The Human Rights Council Flotilla Report

After the publication of the Human Rights Council report on Israel's interception of the Mavi Marmara, the US ambassador to the HRC criticized the report's "unbalanced language, tone and conclusions." This article explains why the ambassador's assessment is correct.

Reuters Reports False Claims, But Ignores Flotilla Facts

reuters flotillaThe role of a news organization is to uncover and report the facts, not to hide them once they have already come to light. Yet Reuters inexcusably does the latter, suggesting today that Israeli soldiers might not have been attacked on the Mavi Marmara.

Latest Video Clips — Gaza Flotilla Incident

Knives found on boardVideo clips illustrate the violent, preplanned attacks using knives and metal clubs carried out by "unarmed peace activists" against Israeli soldiers. Some of the knives found on the ship are pictured above.

Deceptive Cartoon in Cleveland Plain Dealer Elicits Negative Response

Update, June 13, 2010:  After publishing an inflammatory political cartoon that turned truth on its head by portraying those on the Gaza flotilla as innocent peace seekers and demonizing Israel as the culprit responsible for destroying the prospect of peace, the Cleveland Plain Dealer runs column about the negative reaction to the cartoon .

Spotlight on Flotilla Spokesman Edward Peck

Former Ambassador Edward Peck has emerged as a spokesmen for the Gaza flotilla, always maintaining a reasonable-sounding demeanor while he distorts the facts. His extreme criticism of the U.S. and his tolerance of terrorist groups, however, reveal a much more radical approach.

Huwaida Arraf’s Flotilla Fable on BBC

In the world of anti-Israel propagandists, no falsehood is too transparent or easily disputed. Arraf charged Gazan babies are denied formula by Israel, when in reality tons are regularly delivered.