BBC Editor Sets Tone for Biased Reporting

BBC's coverage of the Middle East has an underlying text: Israel is at the root of all the region's conflicts. This biased perspective, exhibited in much of BBC's reporting, is institutional.

Whistling in the Dark at KC-based NCR

Like some Christian publications in the 1930s and 40s, the National Catholic Reporter is gambling its credibility—and perhaps Jewish lives—by downplaying overt threats to the Jewish people.

Video: Casualty Count Distortions and Hezbollah Propaganda

A video companion to CAMERA's work exposing the Hezbollah propaganda campaign of this summer. The terrorist group had claimed that in the fighting against Israel which it started, most of the Lebanese casualties were civilians, and that few Hezbollah fighters had been killed. In fact, the evidence suggests that most of those killed were Hezbollah fighters.

BACKGROUNDER: Hezbollah’s Media Weapon

Over the past six years, Hezbollah's use of the media against Israel has intensified. In addition to Al Manar television, the organization's official propaganda instrument, Hezbollah utilizes other Arab news stations and even the international press. CAMERA describes how Hezbollah has employed the media to convey its message to the world.

New York Times Mangles Sheba Farms Issue

In this Sunday's New York Times, reporter Craig Smith wrote 1179 words on the so-called Sheba Farms issue, and after presenting the basics more or less accurately, still managed to omit virtually every key fact. For example, if Sheba were turned over to Lebanon, Hezbollah has already claimed other land in Israel as belonging to Lebanon, and therefore in need of "liberation."