Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank? (2009)

Produced by Brian Epstein, Brenda Breslauer and Monica Iskander NOW (PBS) Host: David Bracaccio 60 minutes Aired on July 10, 2009
This review looks at two incisive documentaries: that aired on PBS, one about efforts to build peace in Jenin and the other about Israeli reservists who served during war with Lebanon and Gaza.

George Bisharat’s Kangaroo Court

George BisharatGeorge Bisharat, a law professor at UC Hastings, has the very unfortunate habit of leveling blatantly false charges in his anti-Israel op-eds, which just as unfortunately sometimes get published in major newspapers.

CAMERA Letter in Washington Times Educates on Hezbollah

The letter responds to an article that describes Hezbollah as "the Lebanese Shi'ite political/paramilitary/social organization that is trained and financed by Iran," which omits a more basic description.

CAMERA Letter in USA Today Informs on Rafsanjani

The Sept. 24 letter discusses the former Iranian president's connections to al Qaida, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the killing of 19 U.S servicemen, and the country's nuclear weapons program.

CAMERA Prompts NPR Correction on Hezbollah Rockets

CAMERA staff prompted a correction at National Public Radio yesterday, following an earlier "All Things Considered" report which falsely stated that Hezbollah fired rockets at Israel only after Israel hit Lebanon with airstrikes last summer.

Mainline Churches Embrace Burge’s False Narrative

In 2003, Pilgrim Press published a book that is filled with inaccuracies and sourcing problems. Despite these inaccuracies, it has been embraced by "peace" activists in the U.S as a trusted source of information.

At LA Times, ‘Chronology’ Redefined

In July 2006, Los Angeles Times correctly reported that Hezbollah was the first to launch projectiles in last summer's war. Since then, the newspaper has twice refused to correct erroneous claims that Israel was the first to fire.

PC(USA) Promotes “Propaganda” Film

The Presbyterian Church (USA)'s General Assembly rescinded its previous decision to target Israel for "phased, selective divestment" in 2006, but its leaders are still offering a distorted narrative about the Arab-Israeli conflict.