CAMERA Op-Eds and Letters

CAMERA Op-Ed: Bronner’s Flotilla Bias

For The New York Times bureau chief, the latest flotilla campaign organized by terrorist groups and anti-Israel radicals brought to mind, amazingly, Holocaust survivors seeking refuge in pre-state Israel on the Exodus. The sum of the "news analysis" was one more example of fact-anemic bias by the paper.

CAMERA Responds to BBC in Spectator

In an essay published in the Spectator, a British news magazine, CAMERA critiques the latest disingenuous attempt by the BBC to defend its one-sided documentary about Jerusalem.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The New York Times and Itamar

The murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar prompted familiar circumlocutions and evasions by The New York Times where the killing of Jews is concerned. Rather than call it a "terrorist attack"— the family was said to have been killed by "intruders."

CAMERA Op-Ed: Carter’s Elders of Anti-Zion

The Elders of Zion, a czarist forgery, contributed to antisemitism in pre-Holocaust Europe. The Elders, as they call themselves, are all too real, and -- despite their stated intention -- helping spread anti-Zionism.

CAMERA Letter in Baltimore Sun

In response to a letter-to-the-editor demonizing Israel with false information, the Baltimore Sun published the following response by CAMERA's Washington director, Eric Rozenman. The article originally appeared in the Baltimore Sun on Dec. 22, 2010 and can be viewed on the media outlet's website here.