CAMERA Op-Eds and Letters

CAMERA Letter in USA Today Rebuts “Cycle” of Violence Claim

The letter explained why USA Today's editorial on Gaza "misstated cause and effect," and why "there is no 'cycle' of 'Israel punishing innocent Palestinians in response to terrorism, inevitably stirring up more resentment and retaliation.'"

CAMERA Op-Ed About B’Tselem on YNet

CAMERA's Op-Ed, entitled "Bending the Truth: Human rights group B’Tselem’s statistics are far from being trustworthy," explains how B'Tselem's lastest research on Palestinian fatalities "is as shoddy and unreliable as ever."

CAMERA Letter in Washington Times Educates on Hezbollah

The letter responds to an article that describes Hezbollah as "the Lebanese Shi'ite political/paramilitary/social organization that is trained and financed by Iran," which omits a more basic description.

CAMERA Letter About Wikipedia in New York’s The Jewish Week

The June 4 letter discusses Wikipedia's shortcomings, and comments on disingenuous criticism by Gershom Gorenberg and others about CAMERA's call for fair-minded people to learn about and edit the often-unreliable online encyclopedia.

CAMERA Op-Ed in Jerusalem Post: “First, Refute the Defamation”

Col. Nir PressCAMERA's Op-Ed, published on April 21 in the Jerusalem Post, discusses an example of how media coverage greatly benefitted from swift and effective response by Israeli officials, and concludes that nothing in the war of ideas and images takes the place of the all-important work of refuting defamation.