CAMERA Op-Eds and Letters

CAMERA Letter in Jerusalem Post on Roadblocks

A CAMERA letter today in the Jerusalem Post debunks an argument made by Machsom Watch's Nomi Lalo that checkpoints and checkpoints serve no security purpose because "terrorists do not pass through roadblocks."

CAMERA Letter in Los Angeles Times on Sabeel

The letter points out that "If Rev. Dr. Ateek's [left] approach to peacemaking is 'theologically correct,' as he asserts, then we must be living in the Middle Ages."

CAMERA Letter on Mideast Demographics in Washington Times

The letter asserts: "Your article 'Palestinians mull a majority' (Page 1, Feb. 27) notes, 'One group of Israeli researchers ... charge that the Palestinian census is riddled with mistakes.' However, it fails to explain why." The reasons are then listed.

CAMERA Letters in Playboy Respond to Anti-Israel Column

The letters address falsehoods and distortions in Jonathan Tasini's one-sided, anti-Israel October 2007 Forum column. In a note appended to the letters, Playboy noted that CAMERA readers critiqued Tasini's article with a "deluge" of complaints.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Public Broadcasting Must Meet Balance Test

A CAMERA Op-Ed, urging the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to upgrade its objectivity and balance oversight of recipients like NPR, appeared in Hawaii's biggest newspaper when CPB board members met in Honolulu.