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CAMERA Op-Ed: Geyer Misfires

Syndicated columnist Georgie Anne Geyer is a sorry reminder that when shoddy journalists are given a pass by lax editors, they go on and on producing error-filled commentary. Geyer writes often, even obsessively, about Israel and its supporters, and her columns are frequently marred by factual gaffes, distortion and at times reckless reliance on bogus sources.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Just Say No to NPR

Recent boycotts of media outlets, launched mostly by grassroots groups concerned about anti-Israel bias, have prompted criticism from a few establishment Jewish organizations which have argued that because Jews and Israel have been the victims of boycotts, the tactic is illegitimate and immoral.

Palestinians Cheer Carnage

In an August 7, 2002, Wall St. Journal op-ed, Michael Oren explores one of the key obstacles to peace -- a Palestinian culture so adrift from civilized norms that it celebrates the brutal murder of civilians.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Media Self-Scrutiny? Not Yet.

The earthquake of public anger across America over inane, inaccurate and incendiary reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis has prompted notable reaction from journalism reviews and various media ombudsmen and commentators...