CAMERA Op-Eds and Letters

CAMERA Op-Ed in Ynet Recounts Year of Errors and Distortions

In many traditions, the New Year is a time for resolving to changes bad habits. Unfortunately, as noted in CAMERA's Op-Ed, for some news organizations those habits included whitewashing terrorist groups, advocacy journalism and more.

CAMERA Op-Ed in CS Monitor Addresses ‘Apartheid Week’

CAMERA's column in the Christian Science Monitor explains why "Israeli Apartheid Week" is a regressive concept, and is not about helping Palestinians but rather eliminating the Jewish people's national self-determination.

CAMERA Op-Ed: All the News Unfit to Print

What the New York Times chooses to cover in the Arab-Israeli conflict – and what it excludes – is a story in itself. Why won’t the New York Times report on the anti-Israel funders behind the Goldstone Report?

ReVista Op-Ed in Ynet: “Demonizing Israel in Spain”

The daily newspaper El Paí­s is considered the “leader of the mainstream press in Spain.” Its correspondent in Israel, Juan Miguel Muñoz, poisons Spanish understanding of the conflict with his consistently anti-Israel coverage.