Minorities in Israel

Times of Israel Corrects: Jerusalem Bomber Isn’t Israeli

Times of Israel corrects after misidentifying Jerusalem bomber Eslam Froukh as an Israeli Arab. A resident of east Jerusalem who murdered two civilians in the Nov. 23 double-bombing, he does not have Israeli citizenship.

Bloomberg Fails to Correct on Israeli Arabs, Army Service

Contrary to Bloomberg reporting, Israeli Arabs mostly don't identify as Palestinian and not all Israelis are required to complete military service. Does "The Bloomberg Way," that is "Be accurate, there is no such thing as being first if the news is wrong," still apply?

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran is Willing to Fight to the Last Israeli Arab

Violent crime, including homicides, has been skyrocketing in some of Israel's Arab communities. But while a disinterested press tries to blame Israel, a growing body of evidence links the increase to Iran. As CAMERA tells the Jewish Policy Center's inFOCUS Magazine, Tehran is funneling arms into Israel.

The Cluelessness of Conviction: Haaretz’s Editorial on Citizenship Law

With great certainty and little accuracy, Haaretz's editorial posits that the citizenship law preventing West Bank Palestinians from obtaining citizenship through marriage applies only when the spouse is an Arab citizens of Israel. In fact, the law equally applies to the few Israeli Jews who marry West Bank Palestinians.