Borders, Security Barrier and Checkpoints

The Salon Fortress

The irreverent news source with a sense of mission in a world of "corporate giants" is more inaccessible than its rivals.

The Salon Fortress

The irreverent news source with a sense of mission in a world of 'corporate giants' is more inaccessible than its rivals.

Letter-Writer Wrong on Barrier Statistic

In his July 7 letter to the Los Angeles Times entitled "Wall's Horrific Effect," Eugene O'Carroll makes the unsubstantiated claim that Israel's barrier "will absorb as much as 60 percent" of the West Bank. But as the Times itself has repeatedly reported, even the United Nations, hardly a pro-Israel body, put that number at 14 percent

Background on Israel’s Anti-Terror Fence

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague in the Netherlands has issued an "Advisory Opinion" that Israel's security fence is illegal and violates international law. The court advised the United Nations Security Council to take action to stop Israel's construction of the fence and to dismantle parts already built. CAMERA provides background information on the legality and effectiveness of the fence.

Up Against a Brick Wall

For months, the New Yorker stonewalled regarding errors on a Dec. 15, 2003 article by Connie Bruck. Staff people at the magazine repeatedly handed off responsibility for fact-checking, and the corrections never ran.

UPDATED: San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed Distorts Israeli History

In its extensive coverage of Israel's targeted killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder and supreme leader of Hamas, the San Francisco Chronicle included an op-ed by Arab propagandist Mazin Qumsiyeh. The column distorted Israeli history in several ways. (The same day, the paper ran its own similarly themed editorial, yet no opinion piece appeared carrying exclusively Israeli views of the Yassin killing.)

James Carroll Errs on Israel’s Security Fence

A correction by James Carroll in the Boston Globe fails to clarify his mischaracterization of  Israel's security barrier as "a high cement barrier that will run hundreds of miles..." His incomplete correction does not indicate that concrete sections will constitute only a tiny proportion of the projected 480-mile route. More than 97 percent will consist of a chain-link fence, with walled parts confined to areas that present an immediate risk of sniper gunfire.

NPR Smears Israel with Skewed Charges

Aggressive bias continues at NPR, America's foremost publicly-funded radio network, with lopsided time afforded Israel's detractors. Unsupported and anecdotal charges of Israeli misconduct are routinely aired without any balance or counterpoint. Partisan groups critical of Israel are characterized euphemistically as neutral champions of "peace" and "human rights."

Bob Simon Not Fenced In By Facts

The CBS correspondent emphasizes criticism of Israel's security barrier and ignores public opinion in its favor.