Borders, Security Barrier and Checkpoints

BBC’s Hardtalk Host Harangues Halevy with Hostile Questions

An April 3rd interview with former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy by BBC's "Hardtalk" host David Jessel is emblematic of the BBC's infamous anti-Israel bent. The host's questions are breathtaking in their hostility toward Israel and their one-sided, prejudicial nature.

Jimmy Carter’s Syndicated Errors

An Op-Ed by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter which appeared in newspapers around the world in the last few days includes serious factual errors about Israel's security barrier and U.N. Resolution 242.

Christian Century Magazine Allows Wall Error

Columnist James Wall of Christian Century magazine claimed that Israel's security barrier "completely surrounds" Bethlehem. Although this is patently untrue—even according to PLO maps of the Israeli barrier—editors refuse to correct the error, simply because Wall, a regular critic of Israel, "stands by" his observation.

Sharon Stroke Coverage: The Washington Post Stumbles

Historians will have to treat the Post's first- and second-day coverage of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Jan. 4 stroke skeptically. Glenn Kessler's analysis repeatedly misrepresents U.S.-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy. The Post's editorial commenting on Sharon's incapacitation is superficial and mistaken. Scott Wilson's news articles misleads on fundamentals of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Robert Fisk: Telling it Like it Isn’t

Robert Fisk, the notoriously anti-Israel journalist, wrote a column charging that Israel's friends have successfully influenced the semantics of Middle East coverage by American journalists, supposedly leading to "journalistic obfuscation" to the detriment of the Palestinians. Underlying Fisk's ire about American coverage is the reality that from his perspective as an extreme pro-Palestinian partisan, reporting by U.S. media is insufficiently tilted in the direction he prefers.

Student Op-Ed in Carnegie Mellon Paper Gets Failing Grade

Hanadie Yousef, a student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, published a column Oct. 17 in the school newspaper, the Tartan. The column, "Pullout from Gaza City is a Charade," repeated numerous falsehoods and canards which have earlier appeared in mainstream media outlets, some of which were subsequently corrected for the record. CAMERA awaits word as to whether the Tartan will correct as well.

Evangelical Lutheran Vote Update

Delegates of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), meeting in Orlando this past week, passed an amended anti-Israel resolution titled "Peace Not Walls: Stand for Justice in the Holy Land." While the resolution was approved 668 to 269, many delegates and lay members of the church seemed to be offering only tepid support, as indicated by a much closer subsequent vote on a motion to "reconsider."