Christian Issues

Mainliners Speak Truth to Jewish, Not Arab and Muslim, Power

Common Global Ministries, the overseas arm of two mainline Protestant churches in the U.S., tacitly admits its one-sided witness about human rights in the Middle East is motivated by fear of Islamist violence against Christians in the region.

Munther Isaac Contradicts Himself

In his response to an opinion piece by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, Palestinian Pastor Munther Isaac contradicts himself (and his fellow pastors) about the status of Christians in Palestinian society.

Israeli Jews: The Impossible People at Christ at the Checkpoint

One important topic of discussion at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference that took place in Bethlehem in early March was how Christians should related to a state founded and inhabited by Jews who reject Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

A Sad But Incomplete Story

Lynne Hybels from Willow Creek Church told a sad and moving tale about a home demolition in Jerusalem. It was not the whole story.